Tach is all about fun and sometimes fast toys. Scott Bourquin is an amateur racing driver and car enthusiast so you won’t want to miss these episodes.

Ep 1.01 Jeep Wrangler LED Halo Headlight Installation – Reading the forums have you confused? Well with three Jeep JK’s in the the Paradise Landing Productions family, and no Jeep didn’t donate any, but if Jeep is reading, we’ll be glad to take a couple more diesels. Anyway we wanted to start adding cool accessories and the coolest are the Halo LED headlights. After digging around the forums, we couldn’t find anyone that had the same answer so we went to the producers and said, we want headlights. They bought us one set and the pilot episode was decided. http://tectacdoh.com/led-halo-lights-for-jeep-wrangler-or-7-replacement

Keeping in mind that we have two more 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK’s, if your company sells LED halo headlights and thinks they can outperform our headlights, or you would like to see them installed differently, send them to us and we’ll give it a try. For information on sending us products for review or bringing a spokesperson on the show, please Click Here.

Ep 1.07 TruSpeed Autosport Porsche Racing – Scott Bourquin takes you inside a world champion Porsche racing team. He’ll break down their process to give you tools you can use for success in your life and on the track. Don’t miss this epic episode.

Jeep LED Halo Headlights